THE CROWN CHAKRA – known as Sahasrara

Colour: white, gold or violet, may assume colour of dominant chakra


Musical note: B (tee)


Location: Top of head


Primary function: Can be experienced as a pressure on the top of the head.

Union, Bliss, Sense of empathy, connection with divine knowledge, enlightenment.  Spiritual truth, communication with spirits.


Physical function: This chakra is inter-related with all the other chakras in the body.  Therefore and imbalance or change in this chakra is reflected in the others.  Keeps the body’s hormones regulated.


Parts of Body affected: Pineal gland, upper brain.


Positive:  Shows love and compassion in all things and towards all and everyone.  Non judgemental.  Accepting of others.  Wise, knowledgeable and spiritual.  Usually look on the positive side of life.


Negative:  Can be domineering and forceful or controlling of situations.  Dismissive of others and needing to put their own point across.  Very difficult for this person to admit any faults or to let go of situations..


Congested:  feelings of confusion, depression or uncertainty about life.


Over-stimulated:  A need for power or control


Unbalanced:  Disconnection with reality.  Denying own needs to the point of being a martyr.


Gemstones: amethyst, diamond, moss agate,  white opal, moonstone, clear quartz


Essential Oils: lavender, rosewood 

THE THIRD EYE (brow) CHAKRA – known as Ajna

Colour: Indigo Blue


Musical note: A (la)


Location: forehead, brow


Primary function: Direct perception, intuition, imagination, visualization, concentration, self-mastery, esp, psychic awareness., spiritual insight


Physical function:   Calms and soothes the mind.  Aids restful sleep


Parts of Body affected: Pituitary gland, eyes, ears, brain.


Positive:  Connecting with your spirituality and psychic abilities.  The home of clairvoyant ability.  Often thinking is different, abstract sometimes futuristic.  Visionary ideas.


Negative:  Can feel low self worth and inferior to others.  Can be plagued by fears and phobias.  Relies totally on intellect.  Does not trust intuition.  Constantly doubting self and apologising for self.


Congested:  Lacking in imagination and unable to express ideas creatively


Over-stimulated:  Think too highly of self and over confident in psychic abilities.  Judgemental.  Constant need to express own ideas and thoughts.  Pride.


Unbalanced:  Unable to see the truth.  Inability to focus.


Gemstones: lapis, quartz, sodalite, blue sapphire


Essential Oils: Camphor, Elemi, Eucalyptus .Basil, Rosemary, Jasmine, Vertivert, patchouli


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THE THROAT CHAKRA – known as Vishuddha

THE THROAT CHAKRA – known as Vishuddha

Colour: Blue

Musical note: G (soh)

Location: throat area

Primary function: creativity, communication, expression of ideas, eloquence, intuition, hearing, self expression.

Physical function: When working properly it allows us to express ourselves vocally.  A spiritually aware person who is happy being alone with their thoughts etc.  Philosophers.

Parts of Body affected: Thyroid gland, vocal and bronchial areas.

Positive:  The person is sensitive and has the ability to hear quiet sounds or sounds from other dimensions – ie spirit world, etc.  Associated with clairaudience.

Negative:  Difficulty in expressing themselves.  Often withdrawn.  Sometimes can be interfering, getting involved with things that are nothing to do with them and have no relevance.  Difficulty motivating themselves.  Sore throats and ear problems are common.

Congested : Problems communicating and creating.  Difficulties with practicalities.

Over-stimulated:  This can lead to fear or paranoia.

Unbalanced:  This can cause bouts of intense emotion and difficulty getting needs met.

Gemstones: turquoise, lapis lazuli, chrysocolla, green aventurine.

Essential Oils: aniseed, blue chamomile, cypress, tea tree.



THE HEART CHAKRA – known as Anahata

heart chakraTHE HEART CHAKRA – known as Anahata

Colour: Green

Musical note: F (fah)

Location: heart area


Primary function: love, wisdom, stability, pleasure, compassion, caring, bridge between spirit and body.  Considered to be the seat of the soul.  Connection with all things, healing ability.

Physical function:  Good general health if positive.  Good understanding and co-operation.

Parts of Body affected: Heart, lungs, circulation, thymus gland.

Positive: Appreciation for simple things in life.  Value what you have.

 Negative:  Can manifest as being overtly reserved and over-cautious.  Afraid to participate in life fully.

Congested:  This can lead to indecision, self confidence and narrow focus in life.  Primarily concerned with the needs of self.

 Over-stimulated :  Over stimulated can make us be more concerned with helping others and taking little or no interest in our own lives.

 Unbalanced:  Blockage can manifest as immune system or heart problems, or a lack of compassion.  Feelings of life being unfair and that you have a bad deal.

 Gemstones:  emerald, tourmaline, rose quartz

 Essential Oils – jasmine, rose  Basil, Eucalyptus, Fennel, Geranium, Peppermint