What The Colour Of Your Aura Means – White, Black, Grey, Brown




White This reflects the other energy.  Spiritually motivated, the ability to be open and receptive to the divine, or spiritual world.  Probably unconcerned with worldly matters or ambition. Inner illumination, cosmic wisdom characterise the white energy. Young children, energy workers, and people who meditate intensely often will show bright white in their auras. Generally, white does not often appear in the auras of adults.  Can also indicate a person is pregnant or about to be.






Black Back is simply the absence of colour.  Usually it represents negativity and problems or issue that a person has unresolved.   It can often appear as a hole in an aura. Depression.


Often seen in the auras of abused children, divorcees, drug addicts and torture victims.  Inability to forgive.  Unreleased grief.



Grey Another colour that usually represents negativity in an aura.  Narrow focus or holding onto old patterns or energies.  Lack of imagination.  These people can be cold and hard.  It can be seen to represent depression.  It often accompanies red flecks or black areas.  People who feel trapped in life.  Also a potential for health problems.


tomorrow we will start on charkas :~)

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